Duel at the Riverbank! (河川敷(かせんじき)決闘(けっとう)!, Kasenjiki no kettō!) is the 7th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Raimon are training hard for their next game in the Football Frontier, and people are beginning to spy on them; including their next opponents - Mikage Sennou Junior High. The trouble is Mikage Sennou have them all figured out, and if Raimon want to beat them they have to move up to the next level!


The episode starts with the simulation training of Mikage Sennou. They are getting data from Raimon to ensure their victory for their upcoming match. Later on the day, Raimon is training at the Riverbank where they spotted whom they thought are their fans on the bridge. Endou tells everyone to show them their hissatsu. Then, Natsumi's car drove to the field and Natsumi says that practicing their hissatsu is forbidden. Endou asks why they can't wherein Natsumi answers that those are not fans but are actually spies, causing everyone to be shocked. That night Sugimori and Arata spoke with Kidou.

The next day Sugimori and Arata are spying on Raimon. They find out that they aren't using their hissatsu and they ask why. Later on, Endou challenges them for a match. The match starts and Arata uses Fire Tornado, shocking everyone. Endou uses Nekketsu Punch but failed to block it. Later, Gouenji is using his Fire Tornado against Sugimori but he stops it with his Shoot Pocket, which Raimon is also shocked about as well.

Later Natsumi is leading them to the Secret Training Facility to show everyone that they can do better training there. After the training, everyone was exhausted but Endou says that they should train every day in the Secret Training Facility and Domon says he doesn't want to go back to the Training Facility but still ended up going back to it.

At the day of the match, Raimon was surprised about the Stadium. At the end, Endou and Sugimori talk to each other.

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] If we overcome this training, we'll find a new path ourself!