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Coach Endou Makes His Appearance!! (円堂(えんどう)監督(かんとく)登場(とうじょう)!!, Endou Kantoku Toujou!!) is the seventh episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Coach Kudou has left them and so the Raimon Soccer Club has no coach. But now, finally, Endou has returned to take over as the new coach.


Since Coach Kudou has left the team, everyone in the Raimon team have been feeling down except Tsurugi. But then, Endou arrives and becomes the new coach. The others are surprised at his appearance (he's the legendary goalkeeper) especially Haruna. Their spirits get lifted up. But when Endou tells them to meet him at the other practice ground under the bridge, everybody, except for Haruna, the managers, Tenma, and Shinsuke, thought their new coach was peculiar and left. A while later, Fuyukai receives a call informing them about Endou as the new coach. Then, Tenma and Shinsuke were shown running to practice. At Shindou's house, it was shown that he was playing the piano then lost focus, remembering the bad memories he had. After he stopped playing the piano, Kirino visited him to tell him about Endou as the new coach. A little while later, a few members scattered about talking about things—some were just loitering around. As Tenma and Shinsuke keep practicing, Shindou and Kirino were watching them, as well as some other members. A few minutes later, they were all practicing shooting.

While Endou called Tsurugi to play, Tsurugi got irritated of what Endou said. So, he kicked the ball using his hissatsu, Death Sword. Everyone got worried that Endou was going to get hit because he was in front of the goal. Endou tilted his head to right and let it into the goal. Endou complimented Tsurugi for his great shoot. A few hours later, maybe in the night, Tenma went home and greeted Aki. He told her about Endou and he got surprised that she knows Endou.

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[Matsukaze Tenma] We're all here. That's our training!



  • This episode refers to Endou Mamoru's reappearance in GO and becoming the new coach for Raimon.