Megane, Stand! (目金、立つ!, Megane, tatsu!) is the 9th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Gouenji Shuuya is injured and out of Raimon's regional semi-finals match. Mysteries surround their opponent, Shuuyou Meito, being an unknown school who made it through with a 1-0 score against every opponent since the start of the Football Frontier.


Endou Mamoru and his team doesn't know much about their next opponent, besides them beating Occult. So, as suggested by Megane Kakeru, they go to a maid cafe where the said team hangs out to know more about them. Not too long after, Raimon "meets"
Megane in Episode 009

Megane playing in the match.

the team as well as their captain and their midfielder, who were later revealed to be the authors of what Megane claims to be the "most well-known moe manga in history" Magical Princess, Silky Nana manga. Resulting to Megane getting along with them nicely.

At the day of the match, the Raimon's managers were asked to wear maid costumes resulting to Raimon Natsumi to be in a sour mood while Otonashi Haruna and Kino Aki happily agrees to it. Not much action occurred on the first half due to the odd movements of Shuuyo Meito's members. Raimon's opponents were playing very defensive but when second half started, they played aggressively and scored the first goal. Raimon are down by one goal and Someoka isn't able to score goals against them because of the unusual hissatsu technique of their goalkeeper. Raimon is in a big trouble but help comes from an unlikely hero... Megane. He discovered how the opponents cheated and cleverly cut through their defense, giving each a piece of his mind as a fellow otaku, and makes a header to Dragon Crash (creating Megane Crash) and scores the goal. A second goal was easily scored by Someoka and Raimon won the match.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] When someone really wants to do something, they're the most dependable for the job!