The Emperor’s Tears! (帝王(ていおう)(なみだ)!, Teiō no namida!) is the ninth episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


The match between Inazuma Japan and Shamshir continues with the second-half starting. The other members in Inazuma Japan refrain from passing the ball to Kusaka Ryuuji in order to prevent him from going on a rampage. However, the Shamshir members start to continuously do rough plays on him, calling him weak. Even worse, the gang Kusaka had beaten interrupts the match to get revenge on him. He goes into a rampage once more and wants to attack them but Matsukaze Tenma stops him by taking his blow in his face. The gang still continues to insult Kusaka. Unable to control himself anymore, Kusaka changes into his Berserker Mode. When he is about to attack, he is halted by none other than his childhood friend, Kanda Satoko, who calls out to him from the audience. What will she do to help him? Can Kusaka realize the meaning of "true" strength?.

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Matsukaze Tenma] A really strong guy is someone who faces what they're scared of!



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