The Emperor's Counterattack (皇帝(こうてい)逆襲(ぎゃくしゅう), Koutei no Gyakushuu) is the tenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Inazuma Japan manages to win the match against Eternal Dancers with a score of 4-2, however after the match Ichihoshi Mitsuru tries to accuse Nosaka of doping as he did to Kidou Yuuto However, Nosaka outsmarts Ichihoshi by switching the drugs he planted with something else. Endou Mamoru is also released from the police station and Kimura Yousuke approaches him, wanting to talk to him about Ichihoshi. Endou later tells his team what he heard from Kimura about Ichihoshi with Iwato Takashi revealing something as well. What will Endou and Iwato tell to the team about Ichihoshi?

Major events

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Endou Mamoru] What's important isn't thinking about what can't be done, but about what you can do next, isn't it?


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