Find a New Coach! ((しん)監督(かんとく)(さが)せ!, Shin kantoku o sagase!) is the 11th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The big game against Teikoku Gakuen is only a few days away, but unless Raimon can find a new coach then they're out without even setting foot on the field! The whole team is looking high and low, will they be able to find one?


The big game against Teikoku is only a few days away. By firing Fuyukai, Raimon does not have a coach and that might lead to their diqualification. They must look for a new coach before the game. They look high and low. Realizing that he knew about Daisuke's notebook, Endou decided to asked the Rairaiken shop owner, Hibiki Seigou to become their new coach. However, Hibiki doesn't show any interest in becoming their coach and rejects his proposal. Endou without giving up, challenges Hibiki. If he can stop all three of Hibiki's shoots, Hibiki must become their new coach. Fortunately, Endou successfully blocked all three shoots and manages to find Raimon a new coach.

Major event

  • Hibiki Seigou becomes the new Raimon coach.

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] Your life isn't over yet!


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