The Night Before Battle, Asuto's Decision (決戦前夜(けっせんぜんや) 明日人(あすと)決意(けつい), Kessen Zenya, Asuto no Ketsui) is the eleventh episode of the Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin anime.


Inakuni Raimon have a final chance to proceed to the next round of the Football Frontier, but they will face Seishou Gakuen for a rematch. Meanwhile, Asuto receives a letter from his deceased mother, in which a big shock is written. Determined to win the match, Inakuni Raimon start their match against Seishou Gakuen, but can they beat them?

Major events

Hissatsu used​​


[Inamori Asuto] I can't lose in spirit before I've even started the fight!


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