I Hate Myself (じぶん(ぎら)い, Jibun Girai) is the eleventh episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


The team has started to get a lot of progesses. However, Konoha loses her confidence of staying in Inazuma Japan and leaves the training camp. TenmaKusaka and Aoi go searching for her and end up finding her at the zoo playing with a rabbit. At the training camp, Manabe and Minaho are looking through the data of the teams they have faced and find out that the data of each member has increased drastically compares to the data before the tournament. Meanwhile, Tenma talks to Konoha and she tells him about her sad past. Kusaka suddenly comes in the conversation and his words have offended her when he said that she is 'irritating'. Konoha runs away and saves a cat from being hit by a truck on the road in the blink of eye. Tenma, Kusaka and Aoi try to persuade her once more time and Konoha decides to come back to the team. At the end of the episode, Potomuri and Kuroiwa are talking together and it is revealed that FFIV2 has a secret.

Hissatsu used


[Kusaka Ryuuji] Quit blabbing nonsense and trust us!


  • While the team is jogging, Minaho and Manabe get into an argument that eventually escalates into a race. Aesthetically, this scene bears a strong resemblance to another OLM Studio animation, Pikachu's Vacation, where a Pikachu and a Raichu squabble in an almost identical manner.


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