The Finals! Teikoku Academy - First Half!! (決戦(けっせん)帝国(ていこく)学園(がくえん)前編(ぜんぺん)!!, Kessen! Teikoku Gakuen - Zenpen!!) is the 12th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The Raimon 11 arrived at Teikoku Gakuen for the biggest game of their lives, but before they can begin they had to dispel the cloud of suspicion hanging over the place. Kageyama had set some kind of trap, he had secretly loosened the roof of the stadium they would be playing in, but Kidou figured it out. He quickly went to Endou to inform him of the danger, who believed him and got his team safe when the match started. Raimon thanked Kidou for his help and they played the finals in a fair manner. Will Endou and his team will be able to win this match?


Kageyama's trap IE 12 HQ

Kageyama's trap.

Raimon finally arrive at Teikoku for the biggest game of their lives, but first Kidou is worried if Kageyama would lay a deadly trap so he checks places around Teikoku including the room where Raimon will be resting into which Raimon thinks of something suspicious out of Kidou (especially Otonashi), but Endou believes he isn't going to do anything wrong. Kidou is still going through around Teikoku, and wonders where the trap is laid, into which before the start of the match, Kidou finds the trap and tells Endou about it, resulting in the Raimon team being safe from the steel construction beams falling from the ceiling, but only by a little. Because of this, Kageyama is arrested due to the evidence found pointing straight at him, though he was still smiling sinisterly while he was taken away.

Afterwards, the match starts this time, and Kidou plays it fairly with the whole Teikoku.


[Endou Mamoru] Respond feelings with feelings! That's true sportsmanship!