Ichihoshi, The Last Choice (一星(いちほし)最後(さいご)選択(せんたく), Ichihoshi, Saigo no Sentaku) is the twelfth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Ichihoshi is torn between saving his brother and playing soccer as he wants to do. This debate is getting even stronger after he receives a pass from Asuto, who trusts him to do well. However, then he gets a new order of destroying Nosaka. Even though he wants to save his brother, his feeling to play normal soccer grows stronger. Will Ichihoshi decide to follow the Orion Foundation's orders or play soccer for fun?

Major events

Hissatsu/Tactics used




[Nosaka Yuuma] Be honest with your own heart. Then you'll clearly see the path you must take.


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