The Finals! Teikoku Academy - Second Half!! (決戦(けっせん)帝国(ていこく)学園(がくえん)後編(こうへん)!!, Kessen! Teikoku Gakuen・Kōhen!!) is the 13th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


With Kageyama safely shut away, the game against Teikoku Gakuen has properly begun, and it's a real game this time. Whoever wins this comes out on top. But with the story about Kidou and Haruna in his head, will Endou hesitate on winning the game?


Finally Kageyama is arrested and the real match starts! Kidou is determined to win to get Haruna back which troubles Endou. If Kidou loses, he'll lose Haruna, this causes Endou to lose focus and thus he has problems blocking shoot hissatsu techniques. Kidou created a hissatsu that will break through God Hand and it successfully did. But due to Gouenji, Endou wakes up and he is able to successfully block the Koutei Penguin 2gou, and score using a new hissatsu, Inazuma 1gou Otoshi, breaking through Genda's Full Power Shield. Raimon wins the district finals successfully. Raimon claims victory after forty years, ending Teikoku's winning streak and earns them a spot in the National Tournament. In the end, Haruna knows that Kidou did it all for her and she told him that she is happy where she is living now in which Kidou smiled.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Don't lie to the things you love!


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