Raimon's Awakening?! (雷門(らいもん)覚醒(かくせい)!?, Raimon no kakusei!?) is the thirteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Tsurugi against two SEEDs GO 13

Tsurugi against Mannouzaka's SEEDs.

The episode starts of with the continuation of the game of Raimon vs. Mannouzaka as of the previous episode. Tsurugi takes the ball from Shinsuke and heads to the goal. Then he is surrounded, and tried to break through but failed. Then Shindou told him that if he really wants to win, work with them. Tsurugi finally passed the ball to Shindou. He passes the ball to Tenma but only for the ball to be stolen by Mannouzaka. Raimon surrounds them, but the ball is passed to another player. He shoots, and Sangoku's Burning Catch wasn't able to catch it barely missing a point as it bounces off the top of the net. Mannouzaka keeps attacking Sangoku, gradually wearing him down.

Raimon members not playing GO 13

Few members of Raimon who didn't play.

After seeing this, Seto stood up, and shouted angrily to the rest of Raimon's members. She asked if they would feel anything after seeing their teammates trying their best to protect their soccer like that. Then, Mitsuyoshi Yozakura attempts to shoot using his keshin, as a final blow. It seems dim, but then, thanks to Seto's words, Kurumada steals the ball using his hissatsu, Dash Train. The rest of the team joins in, except for Kurama. Then, due to a rebound, the ball rolls to Kurama's feet. Encouraged by the other teammates, he finally passes the ball to Tsurugi, who manages scores a point using his keshin hissatsu, Lost Angel. A while later, Shindou uses his hissatsu, Fortissimo, to score the last point. Shinoyama has used up all his energy and is unable to use his keshin, allowing Raimon to win by 3-2.

Hissatsu/Keshin used




[Endou Mamoru] If we combine our strength, there's nothing we can't do!


  • The title is based on all the members of Raimon being determined to play their 'real soccer' and not follow the fixed game. In which the title 'Raimon's Awakening' meant.


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