The Legendary Eleven! (伝説(でんせつ)のイレブン!, Densetsu no Irebun!) is the 14th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Debut of Honoo no Kazamidori

Gouenji and Kazemaru using Honoo no Kazamidori for the first time.

Raimon still can't believe they beat Teikoku Gakuen and are the new District Champion. After the celebratory dust settles, a mysterious figure walks into Hibiki's ramen shop. Is he really from the legendary Inazuma Eleven? Coach Hibiki decides to revive the legendary Inazuma Eleven and calls for a practice match between the Inazuma Eleven and Raimon Junior High. There the Inazuma Eleven shows the Raimon Junior High some new hissatsu techniques and Raimon were able to perfect the Honoo no Kazamidori.


Since they finally won the district finals, they need to ready themselves for the Football Frontier! But first they go to the Raimon Shop and eat to celebrate. After the celebration, everyone but Endou left. He helps Hibiki clean up. An old member of the Inazuma Eleven team, Ukishima Kazuto, showed up but he is down on hopes. Hibiki suggests a match against the current Raimon team vs. the Inazuma Eleven to which Endou is excited and happy.

The match start off easy for the current Raimon team since the legendary Inazuma Eleven is not taking the match seriously. Seeing how Raimon is disappointed, Hibiki then gave them a pep talk, telling everyone how these children (Raimon) looked up to them, saw them as a goal in their future, and wanting to be like them. The Inazuma Eleven team realized how important the match is and finally took it seriously.

Because of the match, everyone gets an idea of a new hissatsu Honoo no Kazamidori, the old Inazuma Eleven team teaches them on how to use it. Kazemaru and Gouenji finally succeed after many tries to master the hissatsu. In the end, the Raimon team are planning to use it in their next match!

Raimon celebrating IE 14 HQ

Raimon celebrating their victory.

Major events

  • A new hissatsu is learned: Honoo no Kazamidori.
  • They finally meet the old legendary Inazuma Eleven members.
  • They have a match against the Inazuma Eleven (Raimon OB).


Hissatsu used



Episode 14 Error

The error


[Endou Mamoru] The original really is amazing!


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