Shinsuke's Hissatsu Technique! (信助(しんすけ)必殺技(ひっさつわざ)!, Shinsuke no hissatsu waza) is the fourteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Shinsuke is determined to learn a new hissatsu for their next match so he can be useful to the team which is Buttobi Jump. Will he be able to pull off this hissatsu technique or will he have to play without a hissatsu at hand?


The episode starts with Shinsuke and Aoi leaving Tenma's house determined that now they can surely win Holy Road Tournament. The next day Tenma finds Shinsuke training at the riverbank. After hearing Shinsuke's determination, Tenma became very excited, and offered to help him.

Then they went to the morning training and apologized for coming late. All the members get fired up because Shinsuke wanted to learn a new hissatsu technique, and named it "Buttobi Jump". Later that day Kirino and Shindou are discussing their possibilities at Holy Road, while Hayami and Hamano discussing the same. At the riverbank Tenma and Shinsuke practice Sangoku, Amagi, and Kuramada offer to help Shinsuke practice but all the tries failed. Aki came with Aoi to give them some food, then she gave some advice to Shinsuke. Finally he was able to master Buttobi Jump. With a regained confidence they decide to win the Holy Road Tournament.

At the end of the episode Kidou Yuuto and Sakuma Jirou are seen again ten years after. Kidou reveals to the Teikoku's captain Mikado Haruma, that their next opponet is going to be Raimon.

Hissatsu used




[Kino Aki] If you are stuck, then you should just think about it in simpler terms.


  • The title refers to Shinsuke being able to create a new hissatsu technique, which is Buttobi Jump.
  • Most of people are wearing their casual clothes in this episode.


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