Fierce Battle! Challenge of the World!! (激闘(げきとう)世界(せかい)ヘの挑戰(ちょうせん)!!, Gekitō! Sekai e no Chōsen!!) is the fifteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy anime series.


Inazuma Japan, excluding Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi don't attend the practice but focus on their training in the Black Room. Ibuki still tries to prove his ability to Shindou, but Shindou still doesn't accept him as a goalkeeper which makes both of them get irritated at each other again. Meanwhile, Tenma has seen great improvements from his teammates but he still feels that something is lacking.

The day of the final match between Inazuma Japan and Storm Wolf has finally arrived. Before the match starts, Ibuki stated he will block all the shoots perfectly. However, when the match just starts, Storm Wolf quickly scores the first goal with Gold Fever. Ibuki gets depressed for being unable to stop the shoot and Shindou gets frustrated at him. What will Inazuma Japan do now? Can they win the final match that decides the one to go to the world?

Hissatsu used


[Tetsukado Shin] I won't run away! I'll conquer this without running away!


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