Zhao Jinyun's Apprentice (趙金雲(ちょうきんうん)弟子(でし), Chou Kinun no Deshi) is the fifteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


The Asian finals are coming and Inazuma Japan will face China's team. Zhao Jinyun told the members Li Kobun had to leave them for having an incident in his family, but Hiura Kirina revealed his real identity, which he knew because he had seen him without his mask on before. Li Hao then told his story about how he met Zhao Jinyun six years ago when he was eight. After Zhao caught him trying to steal his wallet, he brought him to a place where he could eat and Hao revealed he was an orphan boy who left the orphanage because he didn't like the people there and decided to live on the streets. Zhao gathered other street rats and started to train them for becoming a soccer team, but mainly to show them how to live an honest life. After he decided that they didn't need him anymore, he left them, saying that living an honest life would bring them something better in the end. The street rats managed to thrive on their own just fine, because they managed to go to the finals in the Chinese Tournament with their team, Rojiura Shounentai. They saw that their opponent team, Shanghai Hoshinekodan, was trained by no one but Zhao Jinyun. The match ended in a tie, with a score of 2-2.

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[Li Hao] You don't see people because you need them. You see them because you miss them!


  • Li Hao mentions that he's a forward, though he is a midfielder in episode 17 and on his Eleven License.


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