Kidou's Decision! (鬼道(きどう)決意(けつい)!, Kidō no ketsui!) is the 17th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The narrow victory over Sengoku Igajima has given Raimon confidence, but on the other side of the tournament, everyone is shock at Teikoku Gakuen's complete defeat at the hands of Zeus Junior High, which is 10-0. What should Kidou do? If Raimon wants to beat them, they'll need to train even harder, and maybe even recruit new members!


Endou and Kidou talking HQ

Endou and Kidou talking about the magazine.

Firstly, the Raimon team is training the center when Otonashi  announces that Teikoku has lost to Zeus without even earning a single point to which Endou could not believe, he rushes to Teikoku Gakuen and sees Kidou there who is depressed and angry because they lost at the same time, also his team members are gravely injured and are at the hospital right now, though because of Endou's persevering of cheering Kidou up, Kidou invites Endou to his house. At Kidou's house, Endou is surprised on how big his house is to which Kidou showed his magazine about soccer which is his only remembrance of his father.

Kidou's decision

Kidou's decision.

Afterwards in the field, both Gouenji and Kidou have a heated battle against each other to which Gouenji stated that he only saw Endou at the front, what if Endou was watching his back.

Finally, the match day came and everyone was waiting and thought that they will be disqualified and is surprised that Kidou is wearing the Raimon uniform and is actually joining the Raimon team.

Major events

  • Kidou Yuuto joins the Raimon team officially, and therefore leaves Teikoku Gakuen.
    • Kidou also changes the color of his cape (which was red) to blue.

Hissatsu used




[Endou Mamoru] To break down an iron wall defense, attack it with diamonds.


  • In the game, Kidou is still playing in the field when his team was defeated while in the anime, he was on the bench.
  • When Megane is shown with a background of game consoles, some of them resemble a PlayStation, a Dreamcast and other real life consoles.


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