Stir up the wind! (革命(かぜ)()こせ!, Kaze wo Okose!) is the eighteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


In this episode, Kidou and all the other people at Teikoku Gakuen were revealed to be part of a "resistance", secretly fighting against Fifth Sector. This group also included Coach Kudou, and returning characters like Hibiki Seigou (who seems to be their leader) and Raimon Souichirou, the former chairman of the Raimon Junior High School, Hirai Shinzou and also Endou Natsumi. Former Raimon players Ichino and Aoyama seemed to still care deeply about the team, especially since they can now play "Real soccer". Later on, they were seen enjoying soccer, which Shindou witnessed.


Shindou spotted Ichino and Aoyama playing soccer. He goes to them and have a talk. Meanwhile, Endou helped Tenma improving his hissatsu (by increasing his speed) and invited him for dinner. During his visit, Tenma met Endou's wife, Raimon Natsumi, who didn't seem to have improved a lot on her cooking skills, as Tenma and Endou didn't like the food she cooked.

On the next day, the whole team was training, with Tenma still trying to improve his skills. He seemed close to awakening his Keshin, like he did during the first episode. Tsurugi decided to help, and trained Tenma one on one.

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