The Raging Fang of Kaiou (()(くる)海王(かいおう)(きば), Arekuruu Kaiou no Kiba) is the nineteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.



The episode starts with Raimon visiting the Resistance again. Afterwards, the Raimon team goes training. Tenma is trying to learn a defense hissatsu and Tsurugi is helping him because he thinks that Tenma revealed some Keshin aura and Tsurugi wants to release his Keshin. The only problem is that Hayami is troubled about the match and started being negative again, although it was affecting his practice and skills. Ichino and Aoyama were watching Raimon practice. When Shindou noticed them, they walked away.

In the break of the training, Raimon heard of coach Endou that the members of Kaiou are all SEEDs. Hamano was talking to the team and everyone wanted to train harder for their match. Hayami was still being depressed and didn't want to train with the rest, so he went fishing.

In the afternoon

Near the end of the day, Ichino and Aoyama were thinking whether to go back to Raimon or not. Hayami was still discouraged and worried until the end of the day. Tenma also asked if he was going to quit the soccer club. Hayami answered that if he had the courage, he already left the soccer club.

The next morning

The morning before the match, Ichino and Aoyama appeared and wanted to be back on the team. Shindou agreed and said that he was waiting for them and that they can go back to the team but the other members don't know if they accept Ichino and Aoyama. Shindou said that how many people are joining us, the revolution will stir up. The others later agreed with it and they went to the stadium. In the match against Kaiou, the match started with the opposite team getting a point because of the hissatsu technique, Flying Fish and because of that, Hayami became more discouraged.

Hissatsu used




[Shindou Takuto] Revolution needs the power of everyone who loves soccer!



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