Let's go! To Space!! (()くぞ!宇宙(うちゅう)へ!!, Ikuzo! Uchuu e!!) is the nineteenth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy anime series.


As Endou steps into the room, he introduces the team to their new teammate: Ichikawa Zanakurou. Zanakurou then showes off his talents at soccer to the team, by passing Tetsukado and Sakura and scoring a goal, impressing the others. Even though the eight still doubt their abilities, Endou and Tenma tell the team they can save Earth, for their passion in soccer.

After returning to his residence, Tenma met Kino Aki and Nishizono Shinsuke, both happy for their victory in the Asia preliminaries. However, Tenma told the two the truth about FFIV2 and Grand Celesta Galaxy, the tournament they are going to participate, which surprised Shinsuke and he is determined to join Earth Eleven. Meanwhile, Ibuki and Shindou have a short talk together about whether he can guard the goalpost. The other members depart to tell their families and friends of this news. 

On the next day, Tenma and Shinsuke plead to Kuroiwa to let Shinsuke join the team, but Kuroiwa rejected. Even though Shinsuke can't join the team, they play soccer together. Raimon and Tsurugi Yuuichi came to wish the team and Kyousuke good luck respectively. Raimon and Earth Eleven then have a match together, before they leave. After the match ends, Kuroiwa assembles the twelve and they boards Galaxy Nauts Gou, which is formed by the dorms and meeting centre of Odaiba Soccer Garden. The train then flies into space, with a stowaway on board...



[Endou Mamoru] As long as you know how to have fun, you're invincible!



  • Jii-san made his first cameo appearance in this episode.