The Ultimate Technique, Its Name Is... (必殺奥義(ひっさつおうぎ)、その()は・・・, Hissatsu Ougi, Sono Na wa...) is the twentieth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Ares no Tenbin anime.


Kira Hiroto and Kiyama Tatsuya finally are on the pitch together. However, Hiroto will not pass the ball, and tries to play against Inakuni Raimon all by himself. However, this does not seem to work out, as he can't get past all members. Tatsuya tries to get Hiroto to pass the ball, but it does not work. Can Eisei Gakuen turn the match around?

Major events

  • Inakuni Raimon continue their match against Eisei Gakuen and win 6-5.
  • Kira Hiroto finally co-operates with his team and lets his past go.

Hissatsu used


Ares Episode 20 Error

[Kiyama Tatsuya] With one goal in mind, you aim with the team for a higher place. That's soccer!



  • Saginuma Osamu's pants are colored wrong at one point in the episode.


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