Soccer Within The Flames! ((ほのお)(なか)のサッカー!, Honoo no naka no sakka) is the twentiest episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Keshin Shoot broke through the defense CS 20 HQ

Gamma's Keshin shoot breaking through Raimon's defense.

Jeanne d'Arc and the others arrived at Charles palace. Kirino and Jeanne went inside while the others were outside playing soccer. Charles agreed with sending more soldiers for the war. Jeanne and the others went back to Shindou and the others along with the soldiers. Jeanne and Kirino had a talk about the war. Jeanne went outside and fought against the enemies. Kirino thought it was his fault and he ran outside, the others followed him. Zanark created a soccer field and Raimon must fight against Protocol Omega 3.0 in order to proceed. Gamma released his Keshin and scored the first goal. Jeanne is scared and Kirino is worried about her.

Major events

  • Charles VII appeared for the first time and talked to Jeanne d'Arc.
  • Jeanne arrives at Orléans, but struggles to bring out her full potential.
  • A match begins between Raimon and Protocol Omega 3.0, on the top on the castle, which Zanark transforms into a soccer field using his Sphere Device.
  • Gamma summons his keshin for the first time and scores the only goal for his team.

Keshin used



  • The events on his episode are based on the historical Siege of Orléans. Historically, Jeanne d'Arc held a meeting with King Charles VII, during which she successfully convinced him of her potential, and her divine inspiration from God. She was allowed into the army, and fought in multiple battles, during which it is generally believed that Jeanne never picked up a sword, but rather inspire the soldiers with God's will, while carrying a banner. These events are directly reflected in this and the following episode's events.


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