Fly! Tenma's Keshin!! (()ばたけ!天馬(てんま)化身(けしん)!!, Ha Batake! Tenma no Keshin!!) is the twentieth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO series.


The episode starts with Yoshimine scoring a goal with Flying Fish.Then Raimon trying to score a goal with Kurama´s hissatsu, Sidewinder but fails due to Fukami's hissatsu, Hydro Anchor. In a chain of passes the ball finally gets to Yoshimine, but Tenma stops him with his new technique Spiral Draw and passes to Tsurugi so that he can score a goal with his Death Drop. Tsurugi defeated the keeper and scored a goal for Raimon. Then Namikawa reminds Kaiou that all of them are SEEDs and to have a SEED's pride and to crush Raimon, so Kaiou begins to assault Raimon with their Keshin and Hissatsu shoot thus scoring a goal with Namikawa's keshin, Kaiou Poseidon, and then again with Yoshimine´s Flying Fish. The first half ends, Raimon was behind by 3 points.

At the halftime break Endou gives orders that Tenma will become the goalkeeper and Tsurugi suspects what he is going to do while everyone else in the team is shocked.

At the beginning of the second half Kaiou's still in possession of the ball. They manages to break Raimon´s defense and Wanda shoots against the goal with his keshin, Onsoku no Varius, and Tenma is scared, but Tsurugi encourages him and manages to bring his Keshin out, stopping the goal.

Then, Endou switches back Sangoku to the goal and Raimon begins to change the game by scoring goals to goals, even Hayami has created a new hissatsu for himself: Zeroyon. Kaiou's members are very surprised. Namikawa tells them that they´re SEEDs and that no one can beat them and passes to Wanda so he shoots again, but this time Sangoku stops it with his new hissatsu, Fence of Gaia. He passes to Tenma who manages to beat Kaiou Poseidon and then Seiei Hei Pawn W with his Keshin, Majin Pegasus. Finally, he passes to Shinsuke, and Shinsuke uses Buttobi Jump to score the final goal. At the end, Raimon manages to win and passing to the Holy Road´s Nationals. They beat Kaiou at the scored of 4-3.

Hissatsu/Keshin used




[Hayami Tsurumasa] You can't tell whether or not something will work unless you try!



  • This is the first episode in which Tenma plays as a goalkeeper.


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