Viva! Above the World! (ビバ!世界上空(せかいじょうくう)!, Biba! Sekai Joukuu!) is the twenty-second episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Inazuma Japan are travelling to Russia by plane and each member does something to make the time pass by quickly. When they arrive in Russia, they meet Spain's team, Muteki no Giant, America's team, Star Unicorn, and Russia's team, Perfect Spark. The teams suspect that every member of Russia is a Disciple of Orion but then Froy Girikanan gives an answer that surprises them.

Major events

  • The members of Inazuma Japan travel by plane to Russia.
  • They meet the other teams in their group when they arrive in Russia.





[Goujin Tetsunosuke] If you want your dream to come true, then you need to dream bigger than the dream you want.


  • The music playing during Russia members' debut comes from Laszlo Berki & Gypsy Ensemble's The Lark.


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