A Challenge from the Gods! ((かみ)挑戦状(ちょうせんじょう)!, Kami no chōsen-jō!) is the 23rd episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


As the finals against Zeus draws nearer, so does Raimon's anticipation and dread. The team are working hard, but the level they have to reach seems beyond their grasp. Will they get it together in time for the finals?


Aphrodi catching two balls IE 23

Aphrodi is able to block Dragon Tornado and Twin Boost without a hissatsu.

The episode starts with Kageyama and the Zeus team. Kageyama asks "Who is it that will win the Football Frontier?" "We of Zeus Junior High!" The Zeus team then drinks the Aqua of the Gods. Endou's mother yells "Mamoru! How long are you going to keep sleeping?" To which Endou replies "I'm already awake." to which Endou's mom turns around, only to find Endou eating bread. As Endou leaves for school, his mom looks at the picture of Endou Daisuke. Endou's mother fears that the same trajedy will happen to Mamoru. Endou is back at the training place, getting very hurt. Handa asks him what he is doing to which Endou replies that "Grandpa's notebook said that Majin The Hand came from here (refering to his heart), so I thought maybe I should strengthen my chest area." Handa replies "It could be talking more about your heart and lungs." Endou leaves excitedly but he left the machine on and Handa screams "Waaaaaaaaaah!" We find Endou trying to hold his breath by dunking it in a basin of water. When he gets up for air, he finds Kageno right in front of him! Endou and the others are training when the managers decide to make onigiri for them. Apparently, Natsumi has never made onigiri before so the other managers help her. Aki shows her hissatsu "Double Rice Bowls!" Natsumi tries it and makes her first ever onigiri. Natsumi tells everyone to wash their hands only to find Kidou already drying his. Endou states that Natsumi's has a really weird shape and salty. Handa agrees that some were salty. As the day ends, Gouenji goes to visit his sister Yuuka. The next day Endou is up early again, much to the shock of his mother. Endou is training again. Kidou, Gouenji, Ichinose and Endou's mom are all watching him. The next day, at Rairaken, Hibiki gets a nasty surprise, Kageyama orders some ramen. But leaves claiming that Raimon has already lost. Endou is training with Kidou, Gouenji, Someoka and Ichinose. But before Endou can catch any of the shoots Aphrodi from Zeus blocks both without even using a hissatsu. He also declare that Zeus will win. Endou says that practice is like onigiri. Aphrodi finds this funny much to the annoyance of Endou. Aphrodi makes a shoot and Endou fails to stop it. Aphrodi then mysteriously disappears. Hibiki says that, at their current level they can never win.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Practice is like onigiri! It becomes our blood and our flesh!


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