Explosion! The Power of Koumei!! (炸裂(さくれつ)孔明(こうめい)(ちから)!!, Sakuretsu! Koumei no chikara!!) is the 25th episode of Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Taiyou Mixi Maxed with Shokatsu Koumei and revealed a new Hissatsu Tactic called, Kimon Tonkou no Jin and sealed Zanark in it. Zanark used his own Keshin and used Keshin Armed. He broke thorugh the Tactic and used Disaster Break after that. Shinsuke was too scared to stop the shoot and the score is 2-1. Zanark used his Hissatsu once more but it got blocked by Fei in Mixi Max form, Tenma in Keshin Armed and Taiyou. After that, Shinsuke Mixi Maxed with Ryuu Gentoku and stopped Disaster Break on his own. Taiyou used Mixi Trans and scored the second goal for Raimon. After that, Zanark went out of control and the match ended. After the match, Raimon returned to their present time and an unknown man with a beard was seen talking to Zanark.

Major events

  • Shinsuke Mixi Maxed with Ryuu Gentoku and succeeded to stop Disaster Break.
  • Zanark went out of control and the match suddenly ended, the score being 2-2.
  • Raimon returned to the present time.
  • Helper X appeared at the end, and said to Zanark: "Your power is on the verge of awakening... into the one of a Second Stage Children".

Hissatsu/Keshin/Tactics used




Mixi Max/Keshin Armed used

Mixi Max

Keshin Armed



[Shokatsu Koumei] For what purpose you choose to wield power is up to you.



  • Wonderbot said that a Mixi Max performed without using the Mixi Max Gun is called Forced Mixi Max.



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