Matatagi Hayato's Darkness! (瞬木(またたぎ)隼人(はやと)(やみ)!, Matatagi Hayato no Yami!) is the twenty-fifth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy series.


As Earth Eleven discussed about how Sazanaara's citizens were able to predict their moves, Mizukawa told them that they could "see" other peoples' hearts. This fact shocked the team, especially Matatagi. In Sazanaara Eleven's clubroom, Powai Pichori had a talk with Van Tareru about Matatagi. He told her that Matatagi has a dark, ugly and twisted "azur". Hilary Flail then came in and used her hair to drain the life force of Powai when she refused to share news about Matatagi with her.

Back in Galaxy Nauts Gou, Minaho talked with Matatagi. However, he was quickly interrupted by Tenma and the two shared their concerns of him. Meanwhile, Matatagi's memories of his childhood betrayal were recalled again.

Later, the team gathered to plan the team formation. Manuuba Gibutsu was starting to get the team's suspicion when he couldn't play as well as usual. Konoha also said that he didn't have the usual feeling of Tsurugi. He then convinced Sakura with Tsurugi's usual traits but Konoha was still wary about him.

Still concerned about his words, Tenma had a talk with Matatagi about how he told his brothers that the team could not win. However, Tenma was easily convinced by Matatagi that he didn't really mean what he said and they encouraged each other. Later at training, Minaho started to get ideas on how they can play against Sazanaara Eleven...





[Matsukaze Tenma] People are called people because they have both good faces and bad faces.