The Obstructing Giant God (()ちはだかる巨神(きょしん), Tachihadakaru Kyoshin) is the twenty-fifth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Starting off the Football Frontier International in Russia, Inazuma Japan go up against Muteki no Giant. With Fubuki Atsuya being the first additional member for Inazuma Japan, he is also starting against Spain, replacing Kira Hiroto for the forward position. However, Inazuma Japan are struggling against Invincible Giant with Clario Orvan quickly scoring the first goal for his team even though Endou Mamoru has a new technique called Super God Hand. How will Inazuma Japan counter?

Major events



Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Any mountain can be climbed, no matter how high it is!


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