Clash! God VS Devil!! (激突!神VS魔神‼, Gekitotsu! Kami VS Majin‼) is the 26th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Raimon are down by three goals and are getting clobbered by the soccer gods of Zeus. The situation looks completely hopeless and the clock is running down. All the players of Raimon are down by the unnatural strength of Zeus, who are using Aqua of Gods, which is a kind of water that gives a supernatural power to humans. All Raimon players have lost the hope and Aphrodi is striking the ball at Endou, but Endou is stopping each of them by his body. By seeing his strength, Aphrodi becomes impatient and shoots God Knows at Endou. Endou suddenly realizes the secrets to masters Majin The Hand and stops the ball. Suddenly, all Raimon players become fearless and Gouenji and Kidou scores three goals, one after the other, and the score is tied. Then, with a combination of The Phoenix and Fire Tornado, Raimon scores the final goal and wins the match with the score 4-3.


The episode starts with most of the remaining members lying on the ground and Aphrodi asking Endou if he still wishes to fight. Endou starts thinking they can't win at this point and is worried about his teammates. However, his teammates show him that they can still fight and it's thanks to him that they're able to, which makes Endou think he's an idiot for using them as an excuse to give up. The others help each other get up and Aphrodi shows no surprise that they didn't forfeit the match. Kageyama, who is watching the match on his screen, talks about his plan to take revenge over Endou Daisuke and the soccer world by using Zeus for the Project Z, then destroy Raimon. Aphrodi orders Deio Geki to stop the offense, Demete Yutaka to aim for the deffense, and Hera Tadashi to aim for the goalkeeper. Hera uses Divine Arrow, but even though Endou still can't perform Majin the Hand, he stops it. Otonashi says that she can't watch the match anymore, but Aki and Natsumi tell her that they shouldn't turn their eyes away. After Endou stops some more shoots, Zeus take a break to drink. The managers find it suspicious that all the members take a break at the same time during the middle of the match and figure out Kageyama must have something to do with it. They sneak in to find the truth about the drink and overhear the guards talking about how the water will make them stronger, confirming their suspicion. After a guard who turns out to be Onigawara in disguise gives them away, the managers run away from the other guards. They return to the match and see that everybody is lying on the ground again, with Zeus still in the lead. The referee nearly forfeits the match, but the members of Raimon are rising up one by one. Kidou tells Aphrodi he's no match for Endou's strength, remembering his experience with Endou in the practice match between Raimon and Teikoku. Aphrodi is about to shoot God Knows one more time, but the referee blows the whistle that ends the first half with 3-0 for Zeus.

Natsumi tells the boys about the Aqua of the Gods, a power-enhancing serum. They find this unforgivable. The concentration of the drink has been increased for the second half, the first one Zeus ever had. Natsumi doesn't want the boys to get hurt anymore, but Endou is determined to show Zeus that their way of playing is wrong. Hibiki believes in them and encourages them to stop Zeus. Endou switches his gloves with his granfather's ones and the match resumes. Gouenji, Kidou and Ichinose try to get past Dio, but he stops them with his Mega Quake. Demeter uses the Dash Storm on Kazemaru, Shishido and Handa. The defenders try to stop Aphrodi, Kabeyama with nothing, Domon with Killer Slide and Kageno with Coil Turn, but they're unsuccessful against Aphrodi's Heaven's Time. He continues to target Endou, whose determination is starting to irritate him. As a side effect of the Aqua of the Gods, Aphrodi starts trembling, with his veins popping out and his eyes turn blood red. Everybody shouts Endou's name and after he figures out his grandfather used his left hand for Majin the Hand, he finally manages to complete it and uses it to stop God Knows. He passes it to Kidou, whose Twin Boost makes a chain shoot with Gouenji's Fire Tornado, scoring the first goal for Raimon. Endou stops Aphrodi with Majin the Hand once again, and the second and third goals are scored by the same chain shoot, Twin Boost F. The last goal is scored by a chain shoot between The Phoenix and Fire Tornado. The match ends witha score of 4-3 for Raimon, officially winning the Football Frontier. Zeus are disappointed for being defeated, even if they used the power of the gods. Kageyama gets arrested by Onigawara, who investigated the ingredients of the beverage. Gouenji fulfilled the promise he made for his sister and Endou's mom is proud of him. He says this is where the legends starts.

Major events

  • Raimon wins against Zeus and wins the Football Frontier.
  • Endou masters Majin The Hand.
  • Kageyama escapes again.

Hissatsu used



[Endou Mamoru] As long as I have friends who believe in me, I'll stand up as many times as it takes!


  • This was the last episode of season 1.


  • In the English dub, when Hera uses Divine Arrow, he calls it "Divine Arrow", despite the fact that the move is known as "Divine Arrows" in the dub (and the typography reflects this).


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