Menace! Aliea Academy!! (脅威!エイリア学園!!, Kyōi! Eiria Gakuen!!) is the 30th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The Raimon Eleven never gives up, and they're going to try again against Aliea Gakuen. They go head to head, but the Aliea Gakuen is just too powerful. But in the end, Endou gets seriously injured because of the coach's orders, and one of the team members is asked to leave...


The episode starts with Raimon's match against Gemini Storm, the problem yet again is that they are still fast. Raimon is having a hard time, but Kidou finally sees the pattern and they finally pass it to Gouenji, but Gouenji fails to get a goal to which everyone was shocked. Then, Gouenji and Kazemaru use Honoo no Kazamidori, but it missed the goal again.

Afterwards in the second half, the coach changed the position by bringing everyone up, leaving the defense field open, to which everyone was shocked. This makes Gemini Storm attack even fiercer than before. At the end of the match, Reize uses Astro Break and defeats Endou. Gemini Storm won the match in the end.
Raimon's changed formation IE 30 HQ

Raimon's changed formation

After the match, Endou is badly injured and have to stay in the bus for treatment, and the others are very upset about things just happened. Someoka gets very angry at coach Hitomiko 's strange command, but Kidou calm him down and tell him the reason for that command. Endou also step outside and tell everyone that coach Hitomiko did that to help him train against Gemini Storm's shots, at the end Endou was able to see the ball coming.

Endou and Gouenji IE 30 HQ

Endou asking Gouenji not to leave.

However, just when Endou finished his words, another shock came for Raimon . The coach asked Gouenji to be removed from the team, to which he accepted it quietly. Although Endou has tried his best to convince Gouenji to stay, Gouenji's mind still not changed. He walked away, leaving a shred of tears behind. Endou then shouted to him that he will always be waiting for Gouenji to come back.

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