Find the Legendary Striker! (伝説(でんせつ)のストライカーを(さが)せ!, Densetsu no sutoraikā wo sagase!) is the 31st episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Natsumi and Haruna IE 31 HQ

Natsumi found out what was coach Hitomiko's plan.

The news that Gouenji is kicked off the team doesn't go well with most of the Raimon Eleven, especially Someoka. He carries the grudge all the way to Hokkaido with the team, as they search for the mythical ace striker - Fubuki Shirou. On their way to the freezing land of Hokkaido, the mysterious striker's hometown, they come across a stranger freezing in the cold. Who is he and where did this stranger come from?


Debut of Fubuki Shirou

Fubuki's first appearance.

Raimon in IE 31 HQ

Everyone's reaction when Touko barged in.

Zaizen Touko decided to join Raimon officially. Endou thought they should stop by the Japanese Parliament Building for Touko to which she was happy about. Afterwards everyone trained in isolation from one another because they did not want to listen to Coach Hitomiko's training plan. After training they went to a hot spring and as they took off their clothes suddenly Touko barged in, wanting to take a bath with the rest of the team. Everyone shouted and laughed about this later at the hot spring. Kabeyama and Kurimatsu told a joke afterwards and made everyone laugh at the camping site. Then, everyone went to sleep. The bus moved toward to the legendary ace striker's place. On the way, around the Northern Ridge, they met a boy freezing in the snow and they invited him in. Not long, a bear attacked and shook the bus and suddenly the boy disappeared out of the bus. When he was back, smiling, he stated that it was safe to continue their journey. Then they dropped the boy in front of the house. When the unnamed person saw a huge pile of snow was blocking them as soon as the bus left, he kicked the ball he bought with a huge energy and blew away the snow, which on the next episode was revealed to be Fubuki Shirou, the ace striker they were looking for.



[Endou Mamoru] Leaving the team doesn't mean that it's game over. It's the kickoff for when we all meet again!