Go to the Age of the Dinosaurs! (恐竜(きょうりゅう)時代(じだい)へGO!, Kyōryū Jidai e GO!) is the 31st episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.

Major events

The chosen members CS 31 HQ

The chosen members.

Mixi Max used



[Torb] Graaaaawrrr! Got a problem with that?


  • Some data about dinosaurs said by Shinsuke are wrong.
    • He said "Dinosaurs ruled the sky, land and sea", but the dinosaurs only ruled the land since no dinosaurs are confirmed to be able to swim or fly. The "dinosaurs" that flew or swam were ancient flying reptiles or ancient swimming reptiles.
    • He also said "Pternodons are pretty good too!". However, pternodons aren't dinosaurs, but flying reptiles.


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