Revive! Phoenix ((よみがえ)れ!フェニックス, Yomigaere! Fenikkusu) is the thirty-second episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


Inazuma Japan continue their match against Navy Invader with Domon Asuka, Ichinose Kazuya and Mark Kruger, three players from Star Unicorn, joining Navy Invader. Inazuma Japan are still in the lead with a score of 3-2 but with the Star Unicorn trio, they block an attempt of Haizaki Ryouhei with Shark The Deep and score the tying goal with The Phoenix, breaking through Endou Mamoru's Diamond Hand. As time is slowly running out, Inazuma Japan struggle with scoring another goal. Will Inazuma Japan score the winning goal or will it end up in a tie like the match against Muteki no Giant?

Major events

Hissatsu used


[Ichinose Kazuya] There's no superiority or inferiority in a team. We're friends sharing the same goal.


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