Who's the Ace Striker! (エースストライカーはだれだ!, Ēsusutoraikā wa dareda!) is the 33rd episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Fubuki is officially part of the Raimon Eleven, but there are still some teamwork to work on. But by showing his teammates a brand new way of practicing (snowboarding), maybe Fubuki can bring them to a new level and bring the team together!


The episode started with that Raimon having a match against each other. When Fubuki stole the ball, he became Atsuya and didn't want to pass the ball to anyone. Then the match stopped and Someoka commented about Fubuki's plays. When Fubuki said something to him, Someoka became angry and wanted to hit Fubuki but Domon and Ichinose stopped him. Then, Kazemaru asked how Fubuki got so fast. Fubuki asked him to follow him and they arrived at a snowboard hill. He then showed his talent for snowboarding. When he finshed, Raimon wanted to do some snowboarding too but some Raimon members weren't doing well on snowboarding and Someoka doesn't want to join.

That night, they got dinner but the food wasn't much to eat. After that, Kazemaru and Endou had a talk on top of the Inazuma Caravan. Kazemaru wanted power and said he wanted to use the Aqua of Gods. Endou was shocked about it and said Kazemaru doesn't need it at all. 

The next morning, Kazemaru and Endou wanted to go snowboarding but then sees Someoka is snowboarding. When they all three are snowboarding, a snowball comes to Endou and he smashes the snowball to pieces and all three is shocked. Endou says that he has never felt this sensation. Later they have a snowball fight and unknowingly to them Fubuki is watching them and have a flashback. Later that day, Someoka challenged Fubuki to decide who is the ace striker. Later the match started. Fubuki stole the ball but Someoka steals the ball back and shoots but the ball hit the goalpost. Then Fubuki turns into Atsuya and wants to score but when he sees the squirrel he slowed down, which causes Someoka to steal the ball made a goal.

After the winning the Raimon team gathers around Someoka, congratulating him, but Fubuki doesn't seem disappointed about his lost. He is smiling and looked to the squirrel on a tree branch.

The next day, Raimon and Hakuren stand on the field and wait for Gemini Storm. When Gemini Storm arrived, Endou challenges them for a fight.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] If we want to get stronger, we have to change ourselves first before we ask someone else to change!



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