The Truth About Orion (オリオンの真実(しんじつ), Orion no Shinjitsu) is the thirty-eighth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


After their battle with Perfect Spark, the memebers of Inazuma Japan are disheartened. On the other hand, Asuto, who woke up in a certain person's room, learns about the Orion Foundation's original form.

Major events

Hissatsu used




[Froy Girikanan] If you take a slow but good step at a time, you can reach your goal.


  • All events are rearranged for story telling, the actual timeline should be:
    • Asuto wakes up and is told about Orion Foundation by Shinjou.
    • Asuto meets Malik Kuabel, right after that Froy joins the meeting and recruits Malik to join his rebellious team. This time is still in the morning.
    • Froy has a conversation with Ichihoshi about his father in the afternoon, reveals that he will fight against his brother.
    • Shinjou takes Asuto back to Inazuma Japan's place mostly in the evening.
    • Asuto meets and tells Inazuma Japan about what he knew from Orion. At this time, Nosaka and Ichihoshi hasn't come back yet after their meeting with Froy.


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