Grand Opening! The Final Battle, Ragnarok!! (壮絶(そうぜつ)開幕(かいまく)最終決戦(さいしゅうけっせん)ラグナロク!!, Souzetsu Kaimaku! Saishuukessen Ragnarok!!) is the fortieth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


The Second Stage Children destroyed the El Dorado headquarters and created the Ragnarok Stadium with its ruins. Fei discovers his true identity at the image of Saryuu Evan. The match between El Dorado Team 01 and Zan starts with Zan playing dirty and injuring Tsurugi. Will El Dorado Team 01 be able to win with an injured captain?


The episode starts with Toudou and Sakamaki talking to each other in El Dorado's headquarters. Suddenly, one of the elders tell them Feida's Second Stage Children are about to attack the headquarters, which shock them. Saryuu Evan along with the others are preparing themselves for the attack. They then load their weapons with the tubes containing their auras and shoot to El Dorado's headquarters, destructing it quickly. El Dorado's elders and Raimon are teleported outside the headquarters, and see the headquarters' ruins. Then, Second Stage Children appear, with their leader Saryuu, which shocks Tenma as he had already seen him before. While they're talking to Raimon's members, Fei gets a headache with no reason. Second Stage Children are then surrounded by violet auras and construct a huge building in which will be held Ragnarok, thus called the Ragnarok Stadium. They left, but Fei's headache continues and becomes even worst when Saryuu looks to him, smiling. He fell to the ground, shocking Raimon's members.

Major events

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[Goeunji Shuuya] All we need to do is play our soccer!




  • While Zan's players were shown, Rude's and Fadam's positions were inverted.


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