Older Brother and Younger Brother ((あに)(おとうと), Ani to Otouto) is the fortieth episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


In order to look into the incident concerning the French team, Froy and Ichihoshi head to Bernard, the chairman of the Orion Foundation and Froy's older brother. On their way here, Froy tells Ichihoshi about the Bernard he respected. According to him, Bernard had changed after a certain incident.

Major events

  • Froy gives Ichihoshi information about his and his brother's past.
  • Froy and Ichihoshi visit Bernard, who claims to not be involved with the food poisoning of the French team.
  • Suspicion is raised by Froy that another person is responsible for the offense.




Asuto and Nosaka explain to their teammates that the proof they collected about the French team's innocence has been in vain, due to Orion covering their own tracks before the truth could be brought to light.

After that, Zhao Jinyun reveals to the team that their next opponent has been announced: Brazil. Mizukamiya explains to the others about the importance of soccer to Brazilian people.

Irina and Bernard flashback

Irina and Bernard at Valentin's funeral.

Meanwhile, Froy and Ichihoshi head to meet Bernard with the intention of confronting him about what happened to the French team. On the way, Froy tells Ichihoshi about his childhood and how close he and his brother used to be, with Bernard teaching him soccer and playing with him, while their mother never paid any attention to Froy. It's revealed that Bernard's disposition changed after their father's death, when he took his place at the head of the Orion Foundation.

To the boys' surprise, Bernard denies any involvement with the matter regarding the French team, making Froy suspect that "that person" is responsible instead. At the time, Ichihoshi does not know who he's referring to, and Froy decides to not reveal it to him until he can confirm his suspicions. Before leaving, Bernard also informs them that all of the Brazilian team are disciples of Orion, and that he's personally in charge of them.

Back to the Inazuma Japan quarters, Ichihoshi reveals to the others what he found out, and Zhao Jinyun cautions the team to be careful with their next opponents, because in addition to their affiliation with Orion they are also capable players above the level of any other team faced until that moment.




[Zhao Jinyun] Play while having fun, that's the secret to becoming stronger!



Error 40
  • During a scene near the end of the episode, Tatsuya's hair is painted the wrong color, resembling Ichihoshi's hair instead.


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