Fierce Battle! The Strongest Evil, Epsilon!! (激闘(げきとう)最凶(さいきょう)イプシロン!!, Gekitō! Sai kyō Ipushiron!!) is the 42nd episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The big game against Epsilon is here, and Raimon plays with all their might! Will they be able to win against the aliens? Meanwhile, Fubuki is having an identity problem that threatens to tear him and the team apart!


Epsilon counterattacks IE 42 HQ

Epsilon counterattacks.

Fubuki Shirou tries to score with Eternal Blizzard but fails. Kabeyama tries to block Epsilon's advance but fails, they try to shoot with Ganymede Proton but is blocked by Endou Mamoru. Then, the first half ends with no one still scoring.

Afterwards, the scene goes to some of the Osaka members. They are shown to be selling they're food in a frantic mode, since they had customers suddenly one after the other.

Epsilon scores IE 42 HQ

Epsilon scores.

The scene goes back to the match, and Fubuki is entrusted to be both a defender and forward, but they stated that it's a heavy burden, but Fubuki accepts it afterwards. Endou states that Fubuki should try his best, to which made Fubuki have a flashback about his dad and his whole family, and more about his past is revealed.

The second half starts and Fubuki steals the ball with Ice Ground, and then turns into his Atsuya form and goes to goal to try Eternal Blizzard once more but fails to shoot. Then Kogure gets in the way by trying to block Gaia Break to which made Endou unable to block the shoot.

Osaka Gals cooking IE 42 HQ

Osaka frantic in cooking.

But Endou encourages Kogure to do his best, and finally succeeds with Senpuujin, also Domon succeeds with his new hissatsu, Volcano Cut. After the defense succeeds, Fubuki turns to his Atsuya form and tries Eternal Blizzard again for the second time but fails. But this time he tries the third time and finally succeeds, to which makes Raimon tied with Epsilon 1-1.

Shirou in IE 42 HQ

Shirou looking into his own reflection.

Afterwards, Epsilon uses Gaia Break again, then Endou stops it with a much more powerful Majin The Hand and is more faster, which in turn succeeds blocking the shoot.

Eternal Blizzard getting a goal IE 42 HQ

Eternal Blizzard getting a goal.

Lastly, Atsuya tries to score again with Eternal Blizzard but fails since Desarm shows a new hissatsu technique called Drill Smasher and easily blocks the shoot. The match ends with both teams in a tie. The next day, Kidou Yuuto sees Endou Mamoru in the same training centre again, and smiles on the fact that Endou doesn't give up easily, then the bus driver of the Inazuma Caravan comes in, stating that in another place, someone has found one of Daisuke's book, to which shocked Endou.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] As long as we keep running, things will surely work out.


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