Grandpa's Ultimate Secret Technique! (じいちゃんの究極奥義!, Jīchan no kyūkyoku ōgi!) is the 43rd episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Unexpected news about another notebook of Daisuke sends Raimon to Fukuoka, where they meet one of Daisuke's old friends, and someone who might just become Endou's apprentice. When the team sees what Tachimukai can do, they're amazed!


The blue God Hand IE 43 HQ

God Hand (blue version) of Tachimukai.

Tachimukai meeting Endou

Tachimukai meets Endou.

They hear something great that they want to go to Fukuoka, and it is the news that his grandfather has another notebook there. They rush on to see, and when Endou came, Tachimukai Yuuki is shown to be a big fan of Endou, even giving up his Midfielder position to be a goalkeeper, because of his admiration of Endou, then they all agreed to have a soccer match, though what amazed them was that Tachimukai was able to make an exact copy of Endou's God Hand! Everyone is amazed and he said that he is determined to learn Majin The Hand, while Endou is determined to learn the hissatsu in his Grandpa's notebook.

Hissatsu used





IE 43 error


[Endou Mamoru] Hard work will always lead to results.



  • Before Endou tried to know if Tachimukai's God Hand is real, Tachimukai's jersey logo (the kanji Yokato) is missing.


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