The Pass Towards Tomorrow (未来(あした)へのパス, Ashita e no pasu) is the 45th episode in Inazuma Eleven GO series.


Dragonlink lost against Raimon. When people get to enjoy free soccer again, Raimon went back to practice. Believing in the best teammates, they achieved the best soccer. Tenma, with the soccer ball which led him in the revolution till now, starts to reflect on his past. Finally the original captain returns which is Shindou Takuto and here Tenma and Aoi start to remember about their past and in the middle appears Gouenji Shuuya, which he along Tenma are watching from far the kids, who were playing soccer.

Major events

  • Shindou had recovered from his injury and came back to Raimon.
  • Tenma plays with the young kids.
  • Ishido Shuuji is now referred to as Gouenji.
  • Tenma's past shown on how he met Aoi.

Hissatsu used


[Matsukaze Tenma] One ball connects everyone's soccer!



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