This is Raimon Soccer Club! (これが雷門中(らいもんちゅう)サッカー()だ!, Korega Raimon chuu Sakkaa bu da!) is the 47th and final episode in the Inazuma Eleven GO anime.


The interview continues and this time, they interview Endou Mamoru and Kino Aki about the past. Endou then retells the story of how it all started back ten years before. After the interview, Matsukaze Tenma was inspired of what Endou has said and promised to do play soccer more. But near the end, another organization called El Dorado is shown to be watching from behind the scenes....


The story starts with Tominaga Jun interviewing Endou and Aki as the former Raimon soccer members. There, Aki and Endou tells how they formed the soccer club, recruiting new members with Handa and Someoka as their one of the few first soccer club members.

Later on, Endou says the name of the peoples he met from the start of the Aliea Gakuen Arc until FFI, one by one. The whole scene was Endou's flashback through his childhood.

During the interviewing session, Kariya was excited that a celebrity (Tominaga Jun) came to their school and he already prepared an autograph board for her autograph but trying to keep his cool by denying his attention to ask for autograph. Near the end of the episode, Tenma feels motivated by Endou's story and walks toward him to speak up his determination. Kariya was hesitating with Tenma's action, saying that he shouldn't interfere but as Kakuma said Tenma's barging was a great scene, Kariya later agree easily and hides the autograph board behind him. At the end of the episode, a mysterious organization appears. The episode ends with their leader, saying: I have confirmed the interruption point, start the modification. 

Hissatsu used





[Endou Mamoru] Soccer can't be played alone.



  • The episode is about Endou's flashback of season 1 until 3.
  • There was a mistake in making Akane's cheerleading uniform. At the starting scene, her uniform is different than Aoi and Midori but by the end of the scene, her uniforms revert and became the same as Aoi's uniform.
  • In this episode, it was shown that Kariya Masaki is a huge fan of Tominaga Jun.


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