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SARU's power! (SARUの(ちから)!, SARU no chikara!) is the forty eighth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


Endou Mamoru is back, and becomes Chrono Storm's coach as the Raimon players asked him to be so, much to Wonderbot's disappointment. The match opposing them to The Lagoon is about to start, and Meia and Giris are on Feida's ultimate team! A wormhole is then created by SARU's gun, and the whole stadium entered in it, shocking the audience and Chrono Storm's players. Then, the match finally starts. A fierce battle opposing the two teams occurs, but The Lagoon takes the lead due to SARU's Shellbit Burst. With this, Meia and Giris are able to take the control of the match and score a second goal. But this doesn't make Chrono Storm give up, and Zanark is able to reduce the score to 2-1. After this, The Lagoon's players release their stored auras, allowing them to fully use their powers and become faster and stronger. A defender, Daku, scores the third goal! How will Chrono Storm be able to reverse the score and win?


Zanark explains that it was Endou Mamoru who helped him get stronger when he was inside Clara Jane and thanks him for it, Endou then hopes that Zanark would show his full potential now after he became stronger, with Zanark saying that he can look forward to that.

Clark Wonderbot then says that without further, he would lead Chrono Storm and be it's coach but then no one listens to him again and Matsukaze Tenma asks Endou Mamoru to lead the team, saying that they want him to lead the last game. Kidou agrees, Gouenji saying that it's a battle of spirits, and Endou should lead it.

The scene then changes to the stadium, with each team on their position, Meia and Giris complimenting each other's new uniform as they join The Lagoon and while Coach Endou is boosting the moral of Chrono Storm, Fei Rune looks at Saryuu Evan and is shown to be looking at him too. After everyone goes to their positions, Toudou; the leader of El Dorado orders for their men to aim at The Lagoon but then SARU says that it's finally time.

Zan, Giru and Garu members raise the stadium with their Second Stage Children powers, making El Dorado's mean unable to aim at The Lagoon correctly. Then, SARU brings out an ampule gun as stated by Fei and shoots it at the sky, showing a large hole that Feida is bringing the stadium towards in. After that, Wonderbot says that their in a wormhole and SARU saying that he knew Toudou's plan of knocking them out with sleeping gas and giving them the antidote for removing their Second Stage Children powers, with most of Chrono Storm baffled and Toudou saying that the only way left is for Chrono Storm to win this match.

Now, the whole Chrono Storm Mixi Maxes right from the start. SARU, saying that this is interesting and Zanark saying that he expected SARU saying that. The whistle starts with The Lagoon's kick off and after all the passing, Kirino Ranmaru steals it and passes it to Shindou and to Tsurugi but Sheep steals it from Tsurugi and the match becomes a pass between two teams, and makes the crowd excited with neither side giving in. When the ball is dribbled by Tenma, SARU then suddenly intervenes and steals it swiftly, shocking everyone, even moreso when he passes it to Imusu and when he gets serious and dribbling through the field with such ease, even passing through Kirino and Kinako. After doing so, he passes it to SARU again scoring the first goal with Shellbit Burst.

The match starts again aftewards but Zanark get's the ball stealen at the start and Chrono Storm can't seem to cope up with The Lagoon. Nike then passes through Taiyou and Tenma tries to steal it but fails and she passes it to Meia and Giris and they shoot with Dead Future G2 and score, defeating Shinsuke's Taikoku Ouka. Then Tenma and SARU got a short talk, SARU saying that they have a big difference in power and that they won't show mercy due to they need to win this for their future. SARU then turns to talk to Fei Rune, saying he can rethink his actions in rejoining Chrono Storm but Fei disagrees and is staying by his decision with returning to Tenma and the others, leaving SARU silently angry. Then as the whistle re-starts again, Zanark finally passes through two members of the opposite team with him passing to Fei to get past the others, and after doing so, he passes it back to Zanark and scoring with Great Max na Ore and breaking through Reverse World, making the score 1-2.

SARU then orders the team to take in some kind of capsules into their belts, making Taiyou wonder what it was but then as he passes it to Imusu, he gets speedier. Fei explains that they took in the ampules to enhance their abilities and when everyone blocks out the paths, a defender of The Lagoon passes through and shoots with Spring Arrow, defeating Shinsuke's Keshin Armed and scoring the goal for a score of 1-3. Tenma and the others are shocked that a defender's shoot was that strong.

Major events

Hissatsu/Keshin used



Mixi Max/Keshin Armed used

Mixi Max

Keshin Armed


[Matsukaze Tenma] They're human just like us. We can win!




  • When Imus was speed up with an Ampule and runs to the center of the field, when he facing the opponent, he is facing in an opposite direction instead.
  • Shinsuke, like everyone in the team, used his Mixi Max. During the match, he changed his appearance back in order to use his Keshin Armed. But at the end of the episode, Shinsuke was seen in his Mixi Max form again, about one minute after he had used Keshin Armed.