Fierce Attack! The Second Stage Children!! (猛攻(もうこう)! セカンドステージ・チルドレン!!, Moukou! Sekando Sutēji Chirudoren!!) is the forty-ninth episode of the Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone series.


The episode starts with The Lagoon scoring their third goal. They're taking the lead over the match more and more. As Fei is facing SARU, he suddenly becomes surrounded by an aura similar to the Mixi Max's one, and becomes stronger and bigger. With this, he then uses his Keshin, Chou Majin Evarth, and gets Armed with it. He easily scores his team's fourth goal. The first half then ends. During mid-half, Endou gives the players some advice, and the second half starts. Instead of their Mixi Maxes, some of Chrono Storm's players use Keshin Armed. Zanark's attempt to score fails, and The Lagoon counter-attacks with SARU, who uses his Mixi Max and Keshin Armed once again. However, his hissatsu shoot almost gets stopped by Tenma, Shindou and Tsurugi, and Shinsuke is able to stop it using Shin Taikoku Ouka. With the help of a new tactic, Grand Luster, Tenma is able to score with his new hissatsu, God Wind while using Keshin Armed. Afterwards, Fei scores a third goal using Ouja no Kiba Kai, reducing the score to 4-3. Seeing this, SARU doesn't understand how can humans be able to score against them, which make Tenma and Fei try to bring back him to his senses. But SARU still claims Second Stage Children's superiority, and as the match is continuing, he attacks again. What will be Chrono Storm's reaction?

Major events

  • SARU uses his Mixi Max and Keshin Armed for the first time and scores his team's fourth goal.
  • Chrono Storm uses their tactic, Grand Luster for the first time in which it succeeds.
  • The episode ends with a score of 3-4, with The Lagoon in the lead.

Hissatsu/Keshin/Tactics used




Mixi Max/Keshin Armed used

Mixi Max

Keshin Armed


[Fei Rune] Having friends is just as wonderful as having a family!



  • It was stated by Kidou that Keshin Armed are stronger than Mixi Maxes, though it can't last for long.
  • The way the teammates of Chrono Storm encouraged each other by complimenting even when failing is similar to what Endou did in the final match against Little Gigant


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