Tomorrow Comes Beyond the Field (フィールドの()こうに明日(あした)()る, Fīrudo no Mukouni Ashita ga Kuru) is the forty-ninth and final episode of the Inazuma Eleven Orion no Kokuin anime.


The battle between Zhao Jinyuns and Shadow of Orion rages on, but Zhao Jinyuns are still trailing against the Disciples. Yurika Beor and her team outplay the world's representatives without mercy. Zhao Jinyuns switch their members trying to change the game, showing the potential that the world has. Will the team be able to reach Yurika's feelings and turn this match around to stop the Orion Foundation for good?


Zhao Jinyuns continue their fight against the Shadow of Orion. Yurika tried to score again with Black Field but failed, after Endou uses his Yuujou no God Hand. Everyone's motivated after seeing Endou successfully catches Black Field. Even they are behind by the score of 0-3, they managed to catch up after Ichinose Kazuya, Haizaki Ryouhei, and Clario Orvan scored with Perseus Orb. After seeing that Zhao Jinyuns scored against them, Yurika can't believe to what's happening to them. She tried to score with Orion Crossviper, but Endou blocks it again with Super Megaton Head. Gouenji, Kidou and Endou dashes towards the field and they scored with Inazuma Break Code Great. Lus Kasim, Li Hao and Malik Kuabel then tied the score using Sword of d'Artagnan. Asuto convinces Yurika that whether she loses or not she is still here. Froy, Ichihoshi, Nosaka, Haizaki and Asuto shared their feelings that because of soccer they had friends that support them. The five made shoot chains using Innocent Drive, Planet Break, Gekkoumaru Tsubame Gaeshi, Shark The Deep and Sunrise Blitz scoring the final and winning goal for Zhao Jinyuns. Everything became dark but Endou told everyone to play soccer then all of them kick the balls upwards with blue aura, after that sun starts to shine and everyone was happy that soccer bounds all of them together. Everyone then left their separate ways and rejoined their old teams. Inakuni Raimon came back to Inakunijima, Ichihoshi joined Outei Tsukinomiya and the Original Raimon is back again. The Football Frontier started and it is Raimon against Inakuni, Inakuni goes for the kickoff and the crowd cheered them all.

Major events

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[Inamori Asuto] Even if you lose, as long as you don't quit walking, it's not over!


  • During the opening ceremony of the Football Frontier Autumn Tournament, Arakumo Gakuen, a team from the Inazuma Eleven GO series was seen lined up.
    • Despite being only four years old, Amemiya Taiyou as a teenager appears as a member of the team. This mistake was corrected in the DVD/Blu-ray release.


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