We're Finally Here! Aliea Academy!! (ついに来た!エイリア学園!!, Tsuini kita! Eiria Gakuen!!) is the 59th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Raimon demands Coach Hitomiko to explain why Gran called her his sister, among a few other things. She promises to explain everything after they come to Mount Fuji. Everyone is given a night to think about going, and in the end, they all decide to go. But what's waiting for them at Mount Fuji is Aliea Academy itself, a gigantic UFO!


Raimon learns that Hitomiko and Gran are both related. They were shocked to hear that they were both siblings. Then, Raimon started to demand answers. Hitomiko then states that if they want the answer, they must continue to ride on the Inazuma Caravan and go to Mt. Fuji.

Fubuki and Gouenji IE 59 HQ

Gouenji talking with Fubuki about his problems.

The whole team is still deciding whether to come. Though in the end, after some thinking, they all decided to go.

During the night, Fubuki trains alone. He trains by shooting balls in the goal, but fails to hit it. Gouenji then came and they trained together. When it started to rain, Fubuki suddenly panicked. The sound of the thunder reminded him of the sound of the avalanche which killed his family. Fubuki tells Gouenji that he hates to be alone. Gouenji then leaves him since he is the only one who can answer his own problems.

While traveling, Endou discussed about the hissatsu, The Earth which was in his grandfather's notebook. Afterwards, when they reached Mt. Fuji, they were shocked seeing a giant UFO-like floating object.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] When everyone's feelings are one, a great power will be born.

[Gouenji Shuuya] Even though I'm not perfect, I still enjoy soccer.


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