Birth! Inazuma Japan!! (誕生(たんじょう)!イナズマジャパン!!, Tanjō! Inazuma Japan!!) is the 69th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


The game that will decide who gets to represent Japan is going to start. Throughout the match, the players ferociously appeal themselves to be chosen for the national team. However, regardless of the outcome of the game, it's up to the coach to decide which 16 players out of 22 candidates will be chosen for Japan's national team, Inazuma Japan. The players are divided into two teams, first team is of Endou and second is of Kidou. Both team players are determined for their best play in the match. There is a huge crowd came to see the match among them are also the candidates teammates and friends supporting them.

The tension IE 69 HQ

The managers' reactions to the results.

As the match started with a whistle, both teams attacked each other with their powerful shoots like Fire Tornado, Tsunami Boost, Wyvern Crash etc. But the goal keepers defended them. Fuyuppe's father was watching the match and each player's ability and tactics with an Eagle eye. On the other side Hiroto scores first goal for team A with his Ryuusei Blade. After a few minutes Gouenji makes it equal from team B by shooting Bakunetsu Storm. The first half ends when Someoka with his Wyvern Crash makes it 2-1. Second half starts and continues the high end battle between the teams, score was tied when Midorikawa from team B shoot Astro Break into the goal. Endou's team won the match when Fubuki's Wolf Legend went straight into the goal. At the time to make the decision, Coach Hibiki introduced Fuyuppe's father, Kudou Michiya as the new coach in FFI for Inazuma Eleven. Coach Kudou announced the 16 selected players to represent Japan. Now, it was the start of a new Inazuma Japan.

Hissatsu used



[Hibiki Seigou] Those who are chosen have responsibility of carrying on the feelings of those who were not chosen.


  • This is the first episode where named evolutions of hissatsu are shown in their typography and said by the user. In the previous season, hissatsu evolution was introduced (as the mechanic was introduced in the corresponding games), but there was never any video or audio representation of the evolution save for Megane's naming and mere mention of a hissatsu becoming stronger.


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