The Cursed Coach! ((のろ)われた監督(かんとく)!, Norowa reta kantoku!) is the 70th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Inazuma Japan has begun their training under Coach Kudou. However, they soon realize that he is one strict coach. They start to worry even more when they know about his past, along with a rumor from back then and then to their shock, Coach Kudou orders them to stop training for the two days before their first game against Australia. Is Coach Kudou really a cursed coach as the rumor says?


Inazuma Japan training IE 70 HQ

Kabeyama training hard.

The first day of Inazuma Japan's practice starts. Toramaru arrives late because he is not staying with the rest of the team, claiming that he can't sleep outside his house. Because of that, Fudou mocks him about being childish, which annoyed everyone else. Then the coach comes, and introduces Fuyuka to the team as a new manager. When Fuyuka starts calling Endou "Mamoru-kun," Endou thought that Fuyuka has regained her memories, but she hasn't yet. Later, Kudou explains that the team has a far way to go, and they started practicing. As they practice, they suddenly realized the strict nature of the new coach. After practice, Hiroto approached Endou and asks about the coach, and Endou replies to Hiroto's question by saying that Kudou is a good coach.

Fudou tackling IE 70 HQ

Fudou's violent tackle.

The next day of the practice, Fudou violently tackles Kazemaru and steals the ball from him. Despite everybody's reaction, Kudou gives him a good remark. Later at the Rairaiken shop, Endou, Kazemaru, Kabeyama, and Kurimatsu seem depressed after the training, and are served with ramen and charsiu. In the third day of practice, Haruna and Megane sneak into the Junior High Soccer Association Headquarters to learn more about Kudou. They discover that Coach Kudou was rumored to be the "Cursed Coach." Later, Endou sees Someoka practicing, so he could later join the team, knowing about the FFI's special rule, where teams can change representatives between matches.

Then the next night, they found out that Japan will play against the Australia's team, the Big Waves. The next day, they are told that they won't be practicing, and instead are being ordered to remain in their small rooms.

Major events

  • This is the first day of Inazuma Japan's training camp.
  • Kudou Fuyuka joins as a manager.

Hissatsu used


[Endou Mamoru] Even if you're having a hard time, enjoy it for what it's worth!


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