Fuyuka's Ultimate Secret Technique Plan!! (冬花(ふゆか)究極(きゅうきょく)奥義(おうぎ)(だい)作戦(さくせん)!!, Fuyuka no kyūkyoku ōgi dai sakusen‼) is the 78th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Even though Seigi no Tekken had just evolved, Coach Kudou tells Endou that he'll never make it to the world tournament the way currently is. Endou thinks that the coach is telling him to learn a new Hissatsu, one that surpasses the Seigi no Tekken. Fuyuka notices a troubled Endou and learns some 'tips' from Rika to help him get ideas. What she doesn't know is that Rika is using this opportunity to plan a date for them. Fuyuka found out Rika's plan during the date when all of her 'tips' failed. Their planned 'date' was closely watched by Rika, Touko, Kabeyama, Kurimatsu, Kazemaru and Midorikawa. Then everything is fine in the end. Fuyuka and Endou talk while he trains, she looks at his grandfather's notebook and surprisingly is able to read it. Endou then gets an idea for his new hissatsu.

Hissatsu used


[Kudou Fuyuka] There are as many types of soccer as there are people.



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