Gouenji's Decision! (豪炎寺(ごうえんじ)決意(けつい)!, Gōenji no ketsui!) is the 79th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Gouenji has a big problem, his father wants him to quit soccer and become a doctor. What's more, he also wants Gouenji to withdraw from going to the nationals and go to Germany instead to study medicine. This is the very reason that has kept him from focusing on practice, and it's getting in the way of Gouenji and Toramaru's new combo technique, Tiger Storm. And Gouenji's mood is so bad he keeps blaming it on Toramaru. Then, Gouenji's father contacts the chairman of Raimon and requests for Gouenji's withdrawal from Inazuma Japan. And as he is Gouenji's guardian, they cannot refuse him and must follow his wishes. Gouenji also stated that it would not be easy to change his father's mind, regardless of what everybody else thinks. What will Gouenji's decision be? Will he refuse his father or withdraw from the team?

Hissatsu used


[Gouenji Shuuya] Soccer is a sport that gives hope to people all over the world.


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