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The Barricading Fortress (()ちはだかる要塞(ようさい), Tachihadakaru yōsai) is the 94th episode of the Inazuma Eleven series.


Because of Mr. K, the match between Inazuma Japan and The Empire gets pushed a day earlier. Fideo tries to help Endou and the others get to the boat that will take them to Yamaneko Stadium, where. But an accident on the way prevents them from catching the boat on time. Having no captain or coach, Inazuma Japan will have to fight on their own. Endou and the others can't do anything except watch the match on TV. Without Endou or Kidou, Inazuma Japan pushes themselves too much to cover for their absence, causing their plays to fall apart in the process. Hiroto realizes this and pulls them together. However, that wasn't enough to get pass Teres' defense. And to their surprise, The Empire changes from a defensive formation to an offensive one, quickly passing Japan's defense and gets the first goal.


Since Endou Mamoru, Kidou Yuuto, Sakuma Jirou and Fudou Akio are far away from the match of Inazuma Japan Vs. The Empire, the four cannot make it in time and Inazuma Japan has no other choice but to play without their captain; Endou Mamoru, without their game strategist; Kidou Yuuto and without their coach Kudou Michiya.

The match of The Empire and Inazuma Japan start. Though, they get the ball easily from the members of Inazuma Japan easily and Kidou states that they focused too much on thinking that they need to break through their defense because of this, their team is backfiring. Fideo Ardena states that Inazuma Japan is in a hard match since they have no one leading their team. It is the reason why their matches are mismatched. Kiyama Hiroto notices this, that is why Hiroto started to order the team and their passes started to connect. Kazemaru passes through easily using his dribble hissatsu. Afterwards, Gouenji Shuuya uses Bakunetsu Screw but is stopped by Iron Wall. Afterwards, The Empire has easily passed through Inazuma Japan and they scored a goal, and Tachimukai Yuuki wasn't able to block it with Mugen The Hand G5.

The first half ends with The Empire in the lead with 1-0.

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